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Bee Removal Services

We offer free estimates and same day service. All work is guaranteed.

Live Removal

We can provide live beehive removals. This is possible because we keep our own bees! Although we do not have nearly the same capacity as professional bee keepers, we do have room and resources to expand our beehives.

Non-living Removal

Many times honeybees build their honeycomb inside of structural voids; while this is a safe place for the bees to build a home, it can cause a wide variety of problems for a home owner. In these cases we use safe non-residual products to treat the bees, and then effectively remove their beehive. Bee Rescue Swarm Removal does not use any residual chemicals for beehive removal and swarms and bee hives.

Exclusion Work

After removing a hive it is necessary to take all precautions in keeping honeybees from returning to a structure. This is called exclusion. All exclusion work by Bee Rescue Swarm Removal is chemical free. Exclusion work involves bee proofing with materials and techniques that are specialized for the prevention of honeybee infestations. Bee proofing works best as a preventive method. All work at Bee Rescue Swarm Removal is warranted.

Removal and Repair

Hopefully you have done your research and found out that the only effective way to keep bees from returning to your home is through removal of the hive and honeycomb. After we pin-point the exact location of a hive, we carefully remove the hive and honeycomb; then we repair the area that was used in accessing the hive. By the time we are finished, no one will be able to tell we were there! We're that good!


We provide senior discounts. To check for availability on promotional discounts click here.

Our Promise

Though excellence in service may feel like a lost art, at Bee Rescue Swarm Removal we believe your satisfaction is key to our success. Our number one goal is your satisfaction.

Payment Options

We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards. In special circumstances we can setup payment options.

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